Soul Dealer (J’aime)

They say to have freedom.

Why is that freedom flowing in tears?

I can't do things that I like.

Because doing it would put you under surveillance.

They tell me to kiss with their freedom.

I don't want to be chafed by their disgusting, dirty souls.

Their rotten souls, mixed with filth, try to dye my soul, but they cannot but accept my consent.

Why should my freedom be censored by you?

I am asking you not to shed any more unnecessary blood.

I'm trying to fill the world with laughter that's already stained with blood.

Why should my freedom be in the hands of a single person?

I will never give you my freedom.

Yeah. Never.

If you don't understand what I'm saying, you're wrong with your brain.

Yeah. Sure.

(Lyrics : Jaime)