Free Dress (J’aime)


I wouldn't even be here if I were going to dress your way. 

Today I wear my clothes and go the way I want to go. 

I was so quiet that I couldn't say anything because I had 7 billion to 14 billion eyes.

I made a mistake and insisted that I was right, and I was silly. 

What's this? 

I realized what freedom was without it.

When you don't hurt anyone. 

When no one is sick. 

When no one cries.

There are too many people who have to self-destruct themselves. 

I prepared a silent that opened its eyes and looked at their real faces.

Their silence is sad. 

I'll paint their silence in the sky. 

It's like the sun won't rise in the morning. 

The days when there is no star in the night and the heat wave is raging.

They tied up their mouths are no longer fit for their needles.

The notebooks that were empty for themselves were full of crap.

"It's going to get better. We're changing."

And I said, "Stop fu*king messing with me."

I talked to myself every day. 

"Please open your eyes. Please open your mouth." I said to myself. 

It's on now. I can't find a reason to close it.

(Lyrics : Jaime)