Free with Tito V.

Why do you think human beings need freedom?
 I think we need freedom so that we can reach our full potential and capability. Of course the outcomes of that can be different. Someone may wish to do harm with their skill while others wish to do good. Human nature dictates that outcome, but the human need for freedom, in my opinion, is an innate desire to reach our full potential.  

What does true freedom mean to you?

True freedom means being able to develop myself to be the best I can be. Living in a sustainable, self-sufficient way where I can speak my mind, grow myself, and deal with the consequences. 

What do you think is the meaning of life?

This is a good question. I have had different answers for this over the years. But I think now the meaning of life is to give as much of yourself, your talents and abilities, to help others, make connections with others, learn, and make a positive and significant impact in the world. 

Please describe the world as you see it.
 The world is a reflection of human nature. We are still scared, like our ancestors who lived in the caves. We try to excerpt some kind of control over our world, through technology or through religion, and make sense of it all. 

What kind of world do you want?

I would like a world where everyone has the opportunity to be a contributor to their community. I want to see sustainable development in our communities, with an infrastructure that supports families, young people and old. 

Do you have any questions for Jaime?

Do you ever make 5 year plans? If so, how do you see yourself in 5 years? If you don’t make 5 year plans, why not?

Jaime : I have a life plan to smile every day. And, I want to be with a partner that I can trust. I wish he has the eyes to see the world to the point of preventing war with me.