Free With J'aime

Why do you think human beings need freedom?

Because I'm human.
I just feel like I own my body, and no one was born to be born. I think that people can be free unless they are deliberately hurt others and I believe they should be recognized for their existence.

What does true freedom mean to you? 

I think true freedom is when there's no doubt about freedom I believe There's no real freedom in the world, but...

What do you think is the meaning of life?

I think life is life when I feel that the world is art. I think life is like nature, going through someone without thinking of getting through it, and slowly changing into harmony.

Please describe the world as you see it.

 A fun playground full of scary things

What kind of world do you want?

There are music, art and people who laugh in the world that I want to be. It's a world where basic life is guaranteed even if humans don't have to work forcefully, and we can concentrate on creative things.

Do you have any questions for Jaime?

I'm Jaime. 
I ask the same question every day. Are you happy and free?

My answer : Hum... not 24/7 but mostly yea!