An ideal space by Jaime

Who am I? 

"Hi I'm Jaime. Happy + Free + Nature = J'aime"

What does decentralization mean to you?

It depends on how people think, but to me, decentralization is the freedom to wander freely, whether it is true or not. I feel that no one should define it. 

What does censorship resistance mean to you?

If an individual fails to protect his or her personal information, he or she sees no point in personal information. I think that personal information should be based on personal happiness. The definition of happiness can't be the same for everyone, so it's hard to say what I say is the answer. However, if freedom of speech or freedom of expression is not observed, many laws in the world may be felt by someone simply through clean tactics.

What does cypherpunk mean to you? 

I think they are wonderful but I don't fully understand them. Many things in the world seem to need more tolerance and freedom.

What does cryptocurrency mean to you?

It's a symbol of freedom to me, not a solution.

What does libertarian mean to you?

I wonder what the world would be like if the entire population were full of them, but I don't think the word would make me. I understand their minds, but that doesn't mean I understand them 100 percent. I'm just Jaime forever and ever. It is foolish to confine me in one word. I talk about freedom, do I need to explain more?

Which government do you think is ideal?

 To respect personal freedom and to serve people in a way that doesn't hurt people.

What is your idea of an ideal society?