Universal Declaration of Love

Universal Declaration of Love

I'd like to ask for a lot of world leaders. For the sake of humanity, please release the mercy of love once again.

We should laugh and love in a way that doesn't compete. Trust me we all need love. Unconditional love.

So we have to have more positive conversations that give each other more courage and hope. High and low don't belong to humans. We're all just dots from a distance. We know it well. It's probably impossible to change the world 100 percent. But what if it's possible to change a little by little?

The best thing you can give people is your time and giving them a voice regardless of who they are.

Mankind was born with a basic right to happiness and peace.

It may be a bit easier to understand when people change their perception of freedom and happiness... Sadly Most of the invisible things are emotions. No one knows.

Language is a major thing that should not be controlled by someone because Many things expressed in writing are emotions.

So happiness and freedom should be given to all living things in the world when it comes to love and doing what one loves.

What can we do?

Mankind deserves to be valued for its very existence. Language has been made available and if we look at the world with eyes and heart full of love, we are probably living in a safer and more peaceful world.

Happiness, freedom, and love are all already in us.

If there is true love, it would be the best, beautiful thing in the world that can't be measured by value.

And if the warm heart is united, it can solve many of the world's problems that we have to solve in the future, for humanity.

It's time for us to truly love ourselves.

We don't have to be the first. Human beings need to love.

Let's thank each other and say we love each other.

"Thank you, and love you"