Let's think again. We didn't choose.

When people shed tears, or when there's unprovoked blood on the ground, I often feel that it is the result of discrimination.

So we don't have to tell each other we are different.

Let's admit each other, please.

To hate each other is just a waste of time, our time is limited and life for all of us needs to be beautiful.

Humanity is just a beautiful fragrance. Let's not paint the world with blood anymore. Blood, it doesn't smell so good to me.

The water on Earth is the most beautiful when it is blue.

Life is no different. Everyone's breathing.

We're all living, We're all beautiful breaths. Breathe in through your heart and explore beauty with your eyes.

We need to change our perspective. We have no right to discriminate against what people have not chosen.

If we don't change our perspective, the only thing we want to change in the world is to reveal human arrogance and greed.

We've come to recognize something called "difference" without why.

What would the world be like if we hadn't been separated by gender or race etc. with the title of humanity?

I'd like to ask you. Have you chosen your parents?

We didn't actually even decide to be born. But why should we be distinguished? We don't need any title. We're just living creatures.

We have to stop judging people by their looks. And a lot of things that they didn't choose are not light enough for humans to judge. We should all be respected for what we are and we should love each other.

When I said to love each other means we need to accept whoever they are. Unless they're intentionally hurt human beings.

It's said there's always reason in the world, but there's a lot of things that I don't know why.

You have to stop judging people.

It's not easy, but if you look at them again with your heart before you judge someone, you can understand a little bit of what I'm saying.

We're actually just living creatures that need to be human. We're nothing more than that.

I think we need to learn from animals. It feels like, We also distinguish animals by their appearance.

I want to ask animals if they think they do, too.

Every single life is a precious breath that must be recognized as being alive.

Could you please ask koalas, penguins, and elephants? Do you think you guys look different? I don't see any difference by their look.

It's time to love, It's time to change, It's time to feel true human fragrance.

Don't try to look for why. Cuz there's no way.