an outcast

I was bullied when I was young. I was kind of weird. I didn't know who I was, but I knew I was a little different from other kids. That's what adults have always said, so... I didn't understand why I was different, but... I was just honest with my feelings. I didn't understand why I had to hide my feelings... Everyone's gonna be gone anyway. I felt like I had to say what I wanted to say when I was young. That's when I was about 8 years old.

I've always had a true friend, but... There were always kids who hated me. Kids who want me to cry and they wanted my eyes to hate the world.

But I am actually happy and free now, and the feelings I learned from people made me stay today... The fact that there are so many good feelings in the world is a really beautiful fact to me...

If you're being bullied today, pay them back. That's the only way you can be free. I couldn't find a way out when I was 10. I didn't want to see their face, cuz they only looked like a devil to me. So I tried with my beautiful, confident smile and my true happiness... That's what I did.

I said to them "If you don't like the way I'm, speak it to me, cuz I'm not going to change myself for you" with my confidence.

They got afraid of my eyes cuz I knew that I'm stronger than them...

Show them your true eyes. You are not weak.

Since then, I have not been bullied.

They're delusional. There's no such thing as strong or weak.

We need to think deeply about why humans shouldn't be bullied.

We are not born with a choice.

It's an ugly thing to do to bully someone we feel relatively weak.

In fact, the word "strong" or "weak" does not suit people. It's because every single one of them is precious. There are so many human-induced problems in the world that we don't all recognize.

I got bullied, frankly, and I harassed someone the way I've learned from them. But is there anything left for me?

It was just a waste of time.

We have to stop bullying someone.

Because it's almost impossible for a person to know 100 percent of a person, and I feel that we have the right to take advantage of equally given time.

If you are perceived to be bullying someone, please apologize and stop right now.

Bullying is horrible, I hope you'll reconsider. Because probably one day, you'll end up with someone you love with the same situation. I would say it's a double pain.

Just look at the world with the trembling heart and eyes of the person you're harassing. What does the world look like?

Maybe everything looks gray. Maybe you don't want it tomorrow. Why are you doing that? Stop right now.

I don't say I'm the answer.

Perhaps you should ask yourself. Is it happy to see someone's tears?

Someone may say my words are too emotional, but I don't care. My words cannot be the answer, and the answers that have the power to change the world are already in us.

I want to share that answer with the world.

If you don't change people, the world doesn't change.

I want to convince you that they are everything you see. You need to know you don't know everything about them. They're actually beautiful people... Just like you, they are living, breathing and feels with the heart.

Please change your mind right now if you're bullying someone.  Please... Please...