A true friend

I didn't know then.

I didn't know if they're my true friends.

I'm thinking about it How stupid and selfish I was...

I couldn't stand the pain and annoyance of them pointing out me.

I've never told people my story. I never thought I'd get it.

I have refused to live for a long time, I always felt so empty. I was afraid of people.

I think I know why I live now. I think we'll have a better day. My heart is heavy.

I've hurt them too much. To make me feel comfortable for me...

There are not many people in my heart that I feel of them as my true friends. The world goes back to the profit structure. I'm bored.

My favorite friends tell me stories about life. They bring out their weakness to me.

If you listen to them and cry without realizing it, maybe they are your true friends.

Sadly, I've already hurt some of my friends.

I learned it from myself. That you shouldn't hurt people to make you feel better on purpose.

A true friend doesn't actually say he's or she's a true friend. Because we know that we can't put it into words.

The miracle of all of us being true friends probably won't happen.

I wish we could, but...

The reason I'm telling stories about true friends...

I hope that family can be your true friends and that your younger friends and older friends and all living creatures can be our true friends.

Because our time is sadly never permanent, we have to control ourselves to say things or do things intentionally that hurt people.

In fact, a lot of people's behavior is often self-controlled before they do it.

If you've already hurt people like me with your words, try to control yourself and reduce the number of times.

Maybe you'll cry a lot when you realize it, but your mind feels lighter.

Thank you so much for being my true friend, my family and friends.

I'll ask you when I'm really happy, my true friends, who are struggling right now. "What do you really need?"

I want to do it all for you guys.

I believe my story will someday become known to the world. Because I'm talking to my heart and with my heart.

I love you all... forever and ever...

I'm glad we're alive today. Every second is a miracle.